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Analytical Tools

TMonitor 360

TMonitor360 is an online, real-time transaction monitoring system that analyzes all transactions across all systems and channels deployed at your institution. It provides a 360° view of the customer on a single page for up to the past 60 months, aggregated by assets and liabilities. Its powerful “drill down” features are configurable. Transactional data can be collected and analyzed at a “snapshot” in time or over a period of up to sixty months. From an operations perspective, the availability of minute by minute information with multiple levels of “drill down” and automatic alerts allows the user to effectively respond to branch traffic trends, vault cash levels or even ATM online/offline status.

Additionally, TMonitor360 can be used to provide a real-time Treasury feed for optimal deployment of the institution’s investable funds. The uses of the TMonitor360 system are limitless for tracking, monitoring and acting quickly on current or historical activity at the financial institution.


A decentralized mechanism for operational & financial monitoring, aggregation & leverage of in-house business knowledge, custom analytics, optional business continuity:

  • Customer trending with single view (one page)
  • Alerting, fraud and AML
  • Real time data mining and analytics
  • Cash tracking and management
  • Transaction and financial monitoring
  • Branch & ATM status monitoring
  • Reporting and security